One beacon is on the sea shore and the other on the car but both light up in the dark and signal help is on the way. This newspaper is like a lighthouse, but the LIGHT itself is the Living God because only the Light of God can distract people from the darkness! The purpose of the newspaper “The Lighthouse” is to help YOU draw closer to God and allow Him to draw closer to YOU!


We are a publication of the United Methodist Church of Latvia which consists of the voluntary work of members from various Latvian Methodist congregations. Like the previous unified church edition “Christian Advocate” this one is designed to get to know God better and provide information about ministries in UMC of Latvia. It is important to us that this edition is available to all our current and future church visitors, so we offer both a print and a digital version. It is also important for us that the content is not only accessible but also understandable – so we offer translation of the edition into Russian and English languages.

If you have found THE LIGHT don’t hide it but SHARE it!!! For many are yet astray in darkness!

Is your heart burning just like ours to reveal God’s Love to the world?

Recent Articles

A country at war

Reporting from a visit to Ukraine

Some good advice when meeting refugees

In the beginning, I thought I was going to help them, but after a while, I found out that it was not about ME helping THEM, it was about offering friendship, love and care and about finding a way together. 

Who do you serve?

God opened my eyes and helped me accept the fact that I thought of the problem from the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I went to sleep. And even waking up at night that is my first thought. Although I stood up, I thought more about the problems than about the Biblical promises I stood for.

Testimonies of Church members about Tashi about God’s presence, help and guidance…

Some time ago I prayed to God for authority. About who they are and how to become one. And God made it clear that I am already an authority for those who see him in me, and His calling is to pray for those who occupy leadership positions, regardless of their actions and inactions. God called me to stand up for those who are despised, humiliated, condemned. It is easy to point out the faults of others, but that is not God’s intention. If God has appointed a place, then God will work through everyone. God neither humiliates nor exalts…

yellow flower with green leaves

About gratitude…

On the way back to the once lost holiness, on the way to the grace of God, there is healing of our hearts, true faith and genuine gratitude. On the way to God’s blessing, we will all receive praise from God. All. Not one but ten.

Catch the wind of the Spirit

On the morning of Pentecost in Jerusalem, the disciples were behind closed doors, preoccupied with themselves and each other. They processed their experiences and their failures. I imagine they were talking about Jesus’ resurrection and what He meant when He said that they should wait Jerusalem until they were equipped with power from on high. They have already waited for 10 days, and none of them know how much longer they must wait. Now it has become Pentecost, the end of the Passover celebration of the Jews and a feast of God’s law the Ten Commandments. 

The gift of the spirit- the recognition/separation of spirits.

The gifts of the Spirit are given to the church for the GENERAL good, which is a prerequisite for the use of the gifts in the ways indicated in the scriptures. Not for the sake of self-improvement, but for the benefit of the church and society. 

How did the newspaper “Bākuguns” personally help you get closer to God?


Who are you? Who do you want to be like?

We live in this world among different people. And God created ALL people in His own image… But God also gave us the free choice of whom we want to be like… Are we striving for the likeness in which we were created? Or are we like those who do not believe in God? The temptations of the world are so seductive. Because it’s easier to live like this – go with the flow in a boat called “Everyone does it”.

All people on this earth face sadness

True comfort comes only from God. God knows every day you have lived and the one you have never experienced before!  Moreover, God knows all your events, misunderstandings, circumstances you are in now. He understands your suffering and heartache. He sympathizes with you.

Bible Scriptures on the Family:


History Column

It is necessary to make a covenant with our eyes, and with our ears too, and all our senses, or they will prove the inlet of temptation and sin. If you find yourself in danger, turn your thoughts away instantly. If you let your mind run on, it is impossible you should avoid impure thoughts. Here is the responsibility, the will can control the thoughts, you can think of one thing or you can think of another, as you please, and thus control your emotions, and therefore you are responsible for them.

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