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Uncomfortable conversations

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Are we ready for the fight?

Wise and experienced leaders do not send unprepared, untrained young soldiers into battle. That would be to deliberately abandon them to perdition, to deliver them into the hands of the enemy. They will lose the battle, even if they are armed to the teeth but do not know how to use the weapons... Or they will pull out the white flag of surrender and march straight into destruction.

UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS – Can you trust your family, friends, your neighbour?

Heavenly Father teaches me to accept people as they really are. Even more, God teaches me to love my neighbours regardless of their words or actions. Teaches me not to get angry, not to be offended, not to judge. The words came to mind - ONLY GOD IS FAITHFUL. It takes a lot of courage to dig deep inside and admit to ourselves that we are not white and fluffy like the first snow. Can you and I always be trusted by those around you?

Who are you? Who do you want to be like?

We live in this world among different people. And God created ALL people in His own image... But God also gave us the free choice of whom we want to be like... Are we striving for the likeness in which we were created? Or are we like those who do not believe in God? The temptations of the world are so seductive. Because it's easier to live like this - go with the flow in a boat called "Everyone does it".