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Uncomfortable conversations

open field covered with snow

Love is not just a word

We can sing about REAL, TRUE LOVE all day long.. But do you and I radiate this light of God's love that we have received? I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I know the answer.. The answer is sitting in our half-empty pews of the Church on Sundays. The answer stands in the evenings at the closed doors of our Church. The answer is written on our faces..
Top View of a Road in the Forest

Do you know how to speak?

We know how to chat, chatter, gossip, but we don’t know how to speak. We listen, but do not hear. We shoot words like arrows. And false, evil words penetrate into another and hurt for a long time... But words can also heal and be a wonderful medicine (or at least a band-aid on a wound).
silhouette of trees during sunset

Are we ready for the fight?

Wise and experienced leaders do not send unprepared, untrained young soldiers into battle. That would be to deliberately abandon them to perdition, to deliver them into the hands of the enemy. They will lose the battle, even if they are armed to the teeth but do not know how to use the weapons... Or they will pull out the white flag of surrender and march straight into destruction.