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History Column

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Three-fold Secret of the Holy Spirit

In the early 1930s quotes from James McConkey's book "Three-fold Secret of the Holy Spirit" appeared in the Christian Advocate. Reading this material it is no wonder why the editorial board of the Christian Advocate placed articles from this book in every newspaper for four years. McConkey was an author of his time whose gift of writing was valued by others as rare, miraculously helpful in style and as a treasure for the Christian life. This book is recognized even today among many writers, including theologians, as one of the best on the Holy Spirit. James McConkey was born in 1858 in America, Pennsylvania, graduated from Princeton College (now University) where he was the president of his class. Studied law and after becoming a Christian in his early twenties turned to writing books. At first, he only wrote columns in the monthly magazines of the local church but since there were requests he started collecting articles and published books. James McConkey is known as - Devoted Writer on Spirituality!
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Divine Impossibilities

Did you know that God by sending His Son Jesus Christ gave us something so wonderful that is hidden in His imposibilities?! Totally absurd, isn't it? God can do everything. But reading this article "Divine Impossibilities" which we find in the Christian Advocate Nr.3 wrtien in 1936 we are both encouraged and gifted with deep revelations about God's immeasurable love for us. May the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the New 2024 year of God's grace lead us all to a deeper understanding and allow us to experience stronger and stronger what is NOT POSSIBLE for God in our lives!

History Column

It is necessary to make a covenant with our eyes, and with our ears too, and all our senses, or they will prove the inlet of temptation and sin. If you find yourself in danger, turn your thoughts away instantly. If you let your mind run on, it is impossible you should avoid impure thoughts. Here is the responsibility, the will can control the thoughts, you can think of one thing or you can think of another, as you please, and thus control your emotions, and therefore you are responsible for them.

History Column

Growing in grace raises a person more and more above the world. The growing saint regards less and less either the good or ill opinions of men. He feels that it is of little importance, only as it may affect his usefulness.

History Column

A young convert often finds it hard to forgive. When he feels himself injured, very often he finds he cannot pray. Now if he lets it rankle in his bosom, till he gets angry, it is most likely he will backslide. He does not mean to be angry, but if he does not heartily forgive the one that he thinks has done him wrong, it will run on till darkness fills his soul, and his revengeful feelings will destroy his religion.