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Rita Lapsiņa


our human nature is lazy to serve. Even less do we want to serve in secret. To be honest, we all want honor and recognition. More than once I caught myself wanting to say (and sometimes say): “Did I do it well?” And I want to receive an affirmative answer, praise for my ministry. But the more I understand the Holy Scriptures, the less often I have this desire.


We receive from our Heavenly Father so much unconditional love. He forgives us again and again. He teaches us to love and leads by example.

UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS – This Time About Forgiveness and Reconciliation

As a child, my parents would read  to me verses from the scriptures: "Do not sin in anger: let not the sun go down in your wrath" (Ephesians 4:26). This meant that no one should end the day and go to bed holding anger, resentment or bad thoughts towards each other. You definitely need to find peace with this person. From my mother and father I learned the meaning of reconciliation, i.e., to comfort, to fix things up, to find peace, restore harmony, to reconcile guilt, to harmonise, to mediate, restoration of friendly relations. Did you notice how many of these definitions are synonymous to forgiveness? Because reconciliation requires forgiveness both ways.

Creative Team – Rita

But my mission is to get to know God better with you, the readers of our newspaper. I have found a lot of valuable pearls and I want to share them. That's why I've joined the newspaper's creative team.

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