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Laine Guzlēna

Laine Guzlēna

Where to find inspiration?

I praise and thank God for His presence in every decision I make, but is it really as easy as it sounds? My answer is NO! Trusting God in such a stressful time is not easy at all, finding ideas and thoughts may not be easy either, you may feel drained, powerless, without the desire to do anything, we are only human, it happens! But this is the breaking point, when you realize that without His help, in your own strength, you will not be able to do much. GOD IS INSPIRATION!

Wesley in camp

I am a faithful servant in the camp of Wesley, for this is the place where God leads me and where my heart burns! I have participated in so many kinds of ministry in this place, so I want to ignite this flame in your heart, because both the peace and the joy of God dwells here!

A conversation with God

Hi reader, it is me again – Laine! Today, I would like to talk about prayer – a conversation with God, as well to ask you a couple of questions. Do you think conversations with your friends, family, teachers, and other people in your life have a significant meaning? I know that people are different, and some are talking a lot, others tend to listen better, but it is good when both of these traits are in balance. How often do you talk to people around you? I am doing it every day, otherwise we would have problems understanding each other if we had no conversations.


God is a friend I can talk to when I am happy, sad, angry, offended, filled with love or completely empty, full of energy or tired, stressful or at peace. God does not sort or have requirement from you regarding your state of heart, He is awaiting you with open arms in any situation!

Creative Team – Laine

I am really glad that God has addressed Laura to be the editor of the newspaper and to build God's chosen team to make it happen. Thankful that I am a part of it! Methodists are not just a church, they are my spiritual FAMILY!