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Kristīne Rozefelde

Kristīne Rozefelde

Gita Mednis beautiful jubilee!

Top View of a Road in the Forest
On October 1 of this year, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of pastor and ex-superintendent Gita Mednis at UMC of Latvia Riga 1st congregation. The service was led by the current pastor Anna Dobele but Mrs. Mednis had the honor of preaching. Very typical for this occasion that the pastor shared her personal testimony of faith, emphasizing her return home to Latvia from the USA with her husband. Trust, reliance and persistent love to God and His calling could be heard in this Word of God.

Evangelization in Vergale

This congregation has been praying for the mission, missionaries and different countries for several years under the leadership of its pastor Gunta Grīna - Sologuba. Until one day everyone grasped in their hearts that you can be on a mission and go to service locally in Latvia.

Catch the wind of the Spirit

On the morning of Pentecost in Jerusalem, the disciples were behind closed doors, preoccupied with themselves and each other. They processed their experiences and their failures. I imagine they were talking about Jesus’ resurrection and what He meant when He said that they should wait Jerusalem until they were equipped with power from on high. They have already waited for 10 days, and none of them know how much longer they must wait. Now it has become Pentecost, the end of the Passover celebration of the Jews and a feast of God's law the Ten Commandments. 

History Column

It is necessary to make a covenant with our eyes, and with our ears too, and all our senses, or they will prove the inlet of temptation and sin. If you find yourself in danger, turn your thoughts away instantly. If you let your mind run on, it is impossible you should avoid impure thoughts. Here is the responsibility, the will can control the thoughts, you can think of one thing or you can think of another, as you please, and thus control your emotions, and therefore you are responsible for them.

“Brotherhood and Friendship”

Yes, it is interesting how man-made! In fact, it is such a great gift of God's grace that we yearn and seek relationships, friendships: real, intimate, and true friendships that won't disappoint or give up! We can all have a HUGE POTENTIAL to become good and sincere friends for each other! 

History Column

Growing in grace raises a person more and more above the world. The growing saint regards less and less either the good or ill opinions of men. He feels that it is of little importance, only as it may affect his usefulness.

History Column

A young convert often finds it hard to forgive. When he feels himself injured, very often he finds he cannot pray. Now if he lets it rankle in his bosom, till he gets angry, it is most likely he will backslide. He does not mean to be angry, but if he does not heartily forgive the one that he thinks has done him wrong, it will run on till darkness fills his soul, and his revengeful feelings will destroy his religion.