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Baiba Špēra Špora

Baiba Špēra Špora

Greetings in may

Knowing that God created and blessed me before my parents even thought about it draws my gaze even more to Him, closer to Him. I am His daughter and He is my Father. He, like my parents, is with me in my thoughts and actions. I am honored to carry His name to the people and remind us that everyone is a child of God wherever we go!

Church Night

Church Night is approaching. Therefore, we asked our Baiba Sphere - Spore to tell us a little bit about what Church Night is and how she, as part of the organizing team, sees it.

Creative Team – Baiba

I am excited about the mission of making the newspaper. The newspaper has its own tangible value through which to bring the word of God to the people. I remember myself always asking my grandmother for a "Christian Advocate" to feed myself at a time when the church was unattainable. So I am grateful and happy to be part of the newspaper team.