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Austra Peltmane

Austra Peltmane


A simple podcast on topics that people are usually afraid or embarrassed to ask a pastor. About silly questions, misunderstood topics and other things from a Christian perspective!


Upon hearing word “January”, first thoughts coming to mind – winter, light coming from snow, a feeling of recent celebrations, and also – a beginning of something new. For me in particular, January is the start of a new year in my life, therefore I look forward to this month with a pleasant excitement. However, along also comes an understanding that another year of life has passed, some significant experience and challenges have been left behind. Each beginning is always an end or surrendering of something.

Creative Team – Austra

I came to this team with one call. Laura called me and invited me to join the team to create an electronic version of this newspaper, which you can find on the blog section of the UMC of Latvia website. The exchange of information is important and I am glad that there will be a Methodist newspaper in which to find the most up-to-date information, and I hope that it will strengthen the faith of every reader.