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The “Faithful Men” are back in Latvia!

The Faithful Men is a ministry of Fairview Methodist Church in Maryville, Tennessee and is comprised of men ages 18-92 from 11 local churches who love God and love singing together. They have traveled to Latvia many times to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and personal testimonies. This will be their 11th trip since 2000. This year the large concerts are planned in Riga, Kuldiga, Liepaja and in Cesis region it will be held at Liepa’s Cultural Hall. However, the field of their ministry in Latvia is much wider. If the concerts are in the evenings then during the day they will bring the message of God’s love to hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, social welfare centers and other places throughout Latvia cooperating with local Methodist churches.

Minister of music Wesley Rouse says that Latvia and the Latvian people have a very special place in their hearts. Their love for our nation is so great that they have learned to sing in clear Latvian (by heart) most of their entire repertoire. That says a lot in itself! Can we even fathom singing more than ten songs in a foreign language? Because our language is not an international language like English. Are we able to understand their persistent love for Jesus and their desire to bring the good news in another language, which they do not know at all, but only sing in a foreign language? But it’s not only…. The Living God is the only one who can move the hearts and singing of these men in such a way that they forget that they are not singing in their own language and begin to really praise God. Their leader Wesley testified that they haven’t learned to sing in Latvian for quite some time, because now every rehearsal is a really true time of praise and worship! The men’s choir recently experienced a special touch of the Holy Spirit when they sang “Oh, draw me, Lord!” during the rehearsal. 

The Riga 2nd congregation of UMC of Latvia is their sister congregation but in their hearts they have always had the desire to serve the entire Latvian United Methodist Church and especially to help our congregations bring the good news outside the church walls. They regularly pray for us and always want to come back to us. The time of covid was especially hard when they couldn’t come to Latvia because it was already chabitual for them to come to their second home every other year. After a too long of a break we have been given time to get together again – where we can enjoy God’s love together which is manifested through music and to each other in fellowship where we can talk about the essentials and raise values ​​that will never disappear even across national borders! Even though a huge ocean separates us everyday it is the Spiritual connection that unites our hearts in close friendships! We were once complete strangers, yet thanks to the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit which weaves through nations, denominations and convicitons we are united in one beautiful and strong whole (entirety)! A whole that does not want to keep this joy, peace, faith and love only for itself but to introduce others to what can change our lives to the depths of our hearts and give infinite and significant value!

While organizing the tour 2024 through Latvia and cooperating with church coordinators we adopted in one of the meetings the goal of active service in our local churches. Although we invite everyone to be in prayers during this time from April 3rd when the group will leave the United States until April 12th when they return home, we chose local churches that will intercede and enter into active prayer chains for each other, while evangelism takes place in our own Latvia. In the fellowship of prayers are the Riga 1st church with Liepaja church, the Riga 2nd church with Kuldiga’s church and Liepa/Cesis churches with Tasi/Vergale chruches. We are inviting everyone to be in prayers to keep this ministry going now and until the last day when the mission team returns home. And for the seed that will be sown in our Motherland in the future. We are already experiencing strong testimonies of how God leads and works in preparation for this evangelization ministry in Latvia. There are also different tests for everyone who is more actively involved. However, nothing can stop us! Love for the Living God and the desire to respond to His call – to go and tell everyone about His saving power and how much He loves us – is greater than all worries and trials! God’s Love is the real and only reason that brings us all together in this ministry over Latvia! God Bless America! God bless Latvia!

Sincerely while leading this mission tour through Latvia

~ Kristine Rozefelde