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Say it because you have to say that!

Before reading further, I invite you to pray! Pray that God will speak to you and encourage you through this Bible story that comes through me from the Father! 

Open your Bible and read John 4 for yourself…

A story heard so much and often. But let’s go deeper into this event and see step by step what God reveals to us about evangelism through this message of the Bible. Jesus goes on his mission from point A to point B. Specifically, from Judea to Galilee through the city of Samaria. It should be noted that the word Samaria in Hebrew, Shikhor-shekher, means a place for drinkers. So, in short, Jesus traveled part of the way from Riga to Liepāja, but while passing through Durbe, he stopped there because he was tired and thirsty.  Jesus went to a well in Samaria to rest from the road. Maybe also cool his face with cool water and, of course, quench his thirst. There, at the well, Jesus met a woman. A woman who came from the “Drinkers’ den” – the people of Samaria. It is important to add that, first of all, it was a woman of a different nationality and it wasn’t customary for a Jew to talk to a Samaritan. It was not at all accepted that two representatives of the “enemy” people would communicate. Second, the man addressed the woman. It was not “normal” for a woman, who was traditionally of lower status, to be approached by a stranger. Third, Jesus does not have a drinking vessel. No one goes to the store to buy bread without money. How can one come to the well for water if there is no vessel to draw from?  

Despite all the circumstances, there was a conversation. A conversation that changes the Samaritan woman’s life forever. This conversation brings surprise and amazement to the Samaritan – Are you talking to me? Really with me? I’m nothing, I’m a stranger, I’m a woman and on top of all that I’m a sinner – in other words – I’m nothing for the Lord to talk to me.  

The Word of God tells us through this meeting that:

  1. Jesus does not discriminate! Jesus does not divide people into classes, nationalities or other worldly criteria. He talks to everyone!
  2. Jesus points out that he is something more than just a person. And in reality, He has something more than just the necessary water – for physical thirst.
  3. The human mind is always “attacking”. The Samaritan woman takes literally what Jesus said about water – verse 15 “Lord, give me such water that I no longer thirst and do not have to come here to draw.” In other words – give me enough water so that I don’t have to come here so often for water. It’s hard to pick it up and carry it every day, I’ll be happy if I don’t have to do it anymore. 
  4. Jesus tells the Samaritan woman to call “husband”. Why? Well, not because I would also fill my husband’s dishes with water to last longer. Jesus says call the man, because Jesus wants to save him too. He wants to save them both and give them the water of life!
  5. When the Samaritan woman honestly answered “I don’t have a husband”, Jesus’ answer – “You are right … – verse 17, 18, allows the Samaritan woman to realize that Jesus is more than just a man she met by the well. The Samaritan woman realizes that He could be the Prophet that was so long awaited. 
  6. Jesus sees the Samaritan woman’s sin-ridden life, the challenges and trials of her life. He sees more deeply, as the Samaritan woman herself realizes…verses 17, 18. I want to say that precisely because Jesus sees deeper, God wanted to save this woman not only from the worldly and ungodly life, but even more – God in His grace wanted to restore not only the spiritual life of the Samaritan woman, but also the spiritual life of her civilian husband life. 
  7. Jesus reveals his true nature: “I am he!” I am the Messiah called Christ. I am that Prophet and Savior.
  8. The Samaritan’s heart was reborn – a real meeting with the Savior changed her life and faith.

The woman’s actions after the meeting with Jesus – the woman goes to the city and tells the people what happened to her and it was because of her actions and faith that many people returned – verse 39.

Great story… what can we “take” from it? Do you think people are looking for “water” these days? Of course! People searched, are searching and will search for what fills, strengthens and leads forward. In the past, the shelves of libraries and bookstores were full of books that gave advice on how to build a better life. How to achieve success, how to move forward in life. Now it seems that not a day goes by without some advice, suggestion, advertisement of a “teacher” on the Internet, which will help your life to be better, as long as you pay, follow and do what the “teacher” teaches. Humans have always sought and will seek fulfillment!!! People are willing to pay “teachers” to find fulfillment in life. But you know – you and I have more to give and it’s FREE! Yes, that’s right, you and I have it! We have Jesus – Living Water to give to the world. We have Jesus! 

Jesus, in order to bring the Samaritan woman back from being lost, from sin, TALKED to the Samaritan woman! The Samaritan woman, showing her faith, SPOKE! So why are we silent? 

I have nothing to say..I don’t know how.. I have no such evidence. What kind of reservations do we come up with so as not to share “Drinking water.” Jesus was at the well without a vessel to draw from. However, His most important “vessel” – language, words – is always with Him! Just like the Samaritan woman. After talking with Jesus, she went to the people not with a bucket in her hand, but with her testimony. With his story about what he just experienced. Shouldn’t we do the same? In verse 37, the words “there is another who sows…” this is our task to SOW, we have something to sow! Your testimony, your story about Jesus in your life IS YOUR SEED! Yes exactly! Your testimony is your “vessel” of evangelism. The Samaritan woman was not healed, was not raised from the dead, water was not turned into wine before her eyes, and she was most likely not the one among the 5,000 people who were fed with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Her story, testimony was about meeting and talking with Jesus! What is the story of your encounter with Jesus? Tell it! Perhaps your past is as painful as the Samaritan woman’s. Perhaps you have felt the power of Jesus’ forgiveness. Tell it! The testimony of the Samaritan woman brought many to Jesus. Many lives were changed because of the words of the Samaritan woman. So why not be like the Samaritan woman who leads to Christ? You have the much needed “WATER OF LIFE”! Don’t keep it to yourself, but share it! You don’t have to be a pastor, evangelist, theologian to share YOUR testimony! 

Mark 16:15 NIV

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

May God help us and give us the courage to go and say!