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I want to encourage you to love JESUS and trust HIM

It started for me when I realized that there is SOMEONE I can always count on, who does not leave me when I turn my back on Him or do wrong. Who encourages and strengthens me when I am weak, when I doubt or fear. Who always finds time to listen to me. Who comforts me when I feel hurt. Helps me to get up when I fall. And so much more, and more, and more…

Yes, it was selfish love at first (We often want to be loved a little more than we love others.) I was swimming in the endless ocean of HIS unconditional love.

I carefully hid the fact that I was jealous and suspicious in my heart, watching carefully to see if there was someone else HE loved more than me. I would notbe at peace by the fact that HE loves equally someone else. If I felt that it was so I tried to prove to HIM that I deserved HIS love more. To prove it I pointed to others and said to JESUS – look, they don’t serve YOU as much as I do, they don’t read the Bible as often as I do, they don’t give to you as generously as I do. Look, look… I, I, I…

And then Jesus opened my eyes, freed those from the veil of selfishness… I saw and finally understood! – I am swimming in the ocean of HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and GRACE, and others are swimming there too. There’s room for everyone in this endless ocean!

I saw and realized that JESUS cannot be fooled because HE sees my heart. I finally realized that I don’t have to earn HIS love because HE already loves me; that I don’t have to pretend to be better than I am because I WANT TO BECOME BETTER! JESUS HELP ME TO GET BETTER!

An that is how my selfish love received rebirth – in true love for Jesus!

Rita Vainovska – Lapsiņa