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silhouette of trees during sunset


I TRIPPED OVER MY SIN and fell with my whole body straight into the stinking mud. I scratched my knees and hands until they were bloody from trying to get up. But I couldn’t because the mud of sin was slippery, corrosively sharp and sticky – it dragged me back to the ground. I understood – I need to find a firm support to cling to. I saw a strong tree, I started crawling towards it dragging the disgusting mud of sin with me..Clinging to the strong tree I pulled up on my feet. And only then did I notice that it was the Cross of Jesus! From it flowed refreshing, sacred streams that cleansed and healed my heart and mind. I keep clinging to this Cross… And every day Jesus makes me clean again… I keep stumbling over my sins and He helps me to get up. Jesus cleans the stinking mud of sin from me, heals my wounds and comforts me..over and over again..