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Fulfilled by the power of God..

When I was experiencing the cool and crazy times of youth, I got involved in the church with all my heart. I was an active young woman and everything in my life “revolved” around the church. In my youth, I used to visit clubs in Liepāja to dance. I had my own group of friends at church, my own group at school and my own group of girlfriends with whom we went to party almost every Friday and often even on Saturday night. 

At that time, many people asked me – how can I, as a Christian, go to “those underground places”? I liked to dance, I liked to relax with my girlfriends, get ready and just be around people. Once, when I had already become a pastor, I gave an interview to a newspaper. The journalist asked: “How come the pastor goes to clubs?”, “Why not?!” was my counter question to her. I knew my limits. I knew that God was there just like when I left the club. When I was in the club I danced and very often prayed for humans there, I did it in silence – in the Spirit. I often testified that it is God who gives me joy to dance, gives me a smile and energy, not strong drinks, drugs or other “crazy” substances. Of course, there have been moments when I have said to God: “I’m sorry! Please, please, Dad, forgive me!”. I was definitely not an angel among the “lost”. I know that I always entered and left the club with God. 

During one of the visits, the Liepāja rock cafe hosted the competition “How I can, I’m mooing it.” This type of song contest seems to be held once a month. Anyone to whom God gave even a little voice could try the stage and sing in front of the audience. As part of this event, a guy with a guitar, long hair, glasses and, as I remember now, a goat beard came on stage.  Nothing special.. However, something seemed different. He didn’t announce himself and he didn’t announce the song he was going to sing. Just started playing the guitar… the melody seemed to be heard somewhere, but I didn’t “decode” the song until the first words – “I can only imagine”… 

A song performed by a Christian group from America MercyMe- I can only imagine. 

When the song was playing, there was a really indescribable atmosphere in the place. Club music was replaced by something strange and special. There was such an unnatural peace. Peace that no one but God can give! 

The song is about worship, about intimacy with God, about the fact that we can only imagine what it will be like when we actually meet God. We are enveloped in His love and we sing Hallelujah to Him for His love. We can only imagine the day when we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven and spend eternity with God. The song tells about our deep relationship with God. The song reminds us that we are surrounded and guided by His grace. 

Here, it was through this song that God spoke to me and to those who were there that evening … I stood, cried and praised God for the courage He had given to Nauris. He praised and evangelized through song in a place where secular life was in full swing. The Holy Spirit told me in my heart to go find this guy, to thank him for his courage. And so I did. I went, looked for him and said with all my heart: “Thank you!”. That’s how we met.. Later we even served together in some camps. 

One song – performed by the power of God!

It is from that night that this song is closest to me. Every line is a reminder of the Father’s presence. Every line makes (tingle) ants run over me every time I hear it. 
One song has become such a powerful tool in the hands of God!!! This song is my song! Which one is yours?