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Evangelization in Vergale

The evangelization ministry of Tāšu church June 10th and 11th in Vērgale, Liepāja county. A short interview with Anda Balandiņa, a member of the Tāši church

This congregation has been praying for the mission, missionaries and different countries for several years under the leadership of its pastor Gunta Grīna – Sologuba. Until one day everyone grasped in their hearts that you can be on a mission and go to service locally in Latvia. Then Vērgales’ villiage resonated in the heart of someone from the congregation and the other members of the church unanimously confirmed it. It is necessary to go to Vērgale because the majority felt that Vērgale has been neglected spiritually.

The congregation itself has been diligently preparing for this evangelization mission since November. In the church camp there were specially prepared trainings on evangelism, on sharing one’s testimony and on the nature of the mission. Also, from time to time members of the congregation went to Vērgale in different groups to stop in its territories and pray for this village, for the people, for opportunities and to prepare this soil. Prayers have great power and the Tašu congregation created a prayer chain list where every who knew about it could take a place and pray these two days for Vērgale.

Although, majority of Tāsi congregation received strong attacks for the whole week before this mission, it did not stop them because these attacks were only a sign – that this is a battle between evil and good. And since the Winner is known, giving up was not an option. After this work of love Anda feels fulfilled and her heart is so full that it is difficult to put everything into words. However, the reviews from Vērgale, the joy and words of gratitude of the residents only remind us that this work of love must be continued. One of the reviews sounded like this – you brought life to Vērgale. And these are important words – LIFE. Jesus says – I am the way, the truth and the LIFE! Others want to receive this service even every Sunday! People are thirsty for real way, real truth and living life.

When I asked Anda – how often should congregations evangelize and why? She replied: “Everyone should do this every day. Keep your ears, heart and mind open. And whenever there is an opportunity ask God for words to say something!” Together we came to the conclusion that each of us should witness the good news every day, but the congregation should go to evangelize at least once a year!

Soon you will be able to read much more detailed articles in our website There will be both testimonies and the thoughts of several parishioners and the pastors testimony about the ministry in Vērgale! May God bless Vērgale and whole Latvia!