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My unusual baptism

My baptism took place in the open air in the summer. That day I was invited as a guest to my cousins’ baptism. I didn’t know in the morning that I would be baptized myself in the evening. I remember that we had gathered on the shore of the lake. The pastor and her assistant, who simultaneously translated the pastor from Russian to Latvian, stood with their backs to the lake. In front of them, the people to be baptized were lined-up side by side. The pastor started the prepared speech and soon stopped it by inviting everyone who wanted to be baptized to join the baptismal queue. At that moment, I felt someone grab my left hand. Looking to the left, I didn’t see anyone. Looking around, I realized that I was isolated from everyone. I felt something gently pulling me by my left arm at the baptismal font at the end of the line. I indulged. I was calm about what was happening, immersed in my thoughts… the lake and the baptism process opened up to my view. Seeing the immersion under water, I became afraid, because I did not know how to swim. I knew that while I was under water, the pastor would say a short text and then bring me out. I saw it when others were baptized. I didn’t see any baptized person pinching their nose, so I thought it was forbidden. Thank God I was wrong and soon I was being submerged in the water with my arms crossed and my nose held shut. As soon as I was under the water, the pastor accidentally pushed my hand away from my nose and I took a panicked breath… then another breath… and again… I calmed down. Time seemed to stand still. God gave me oxygen underwater! I relaxed and the pastor started to lift me up. I remember that the moment I hit the surface of the water, I felt as if an air bubble was bursting. The people present had heard before what wonderful things God had done abroad, but they could not believe what God was doing among them that day. In the evening, I went home along the path that leads over the hill, from where you can see the lake. At the top of the hill, I looked back at my place of baptism and heard a voice: “There is more to it!”.