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God’s angel’s wing protected me

I have many testimonies of God’s work in my life, but this time I want to share, what happened last summer. My friend since student time and I finally decided to go on a trip together. We hadn’t gone somewhere together for more than 40 years, but now, when the active work was over, we could afford it. We went to Crete. We stayed in a nice hotel, which was located on a hill, and there, if you wanted to go straight, you had to go down/up the stairs with about 20 steps. On the second day, my friend was already on her way, I followed her, as usual, with a quick step, but when I had reached her, I suddenly slipped on the marble stairs and drove down on my side several steps. My friend was shocked and, as she later admitted, she thought that our common journey was over… However, I slowed down quite quickly, stood up and, to my own surprise, found that not only all the bones were OK, but nothing even hurt! I didn’t even get a single bruise afterwards! And I was in a summer dress, so no ‘’amortization”. I had the feeling that God’s angel put its wing under me. I felt so elated that I didn’t even go back to complain about the cleaner, who had washed the stairs and left them quite wet. I thought that seeing my happy face and decent age, they wouldn’t believe that I “drove” down the stairs so deftly. It was truly a miracle! I also had one rather nasty fall in my life about 20 years ago, when I completely broke my right upper arm… (I fell on the same side now.) Then I was told I had osteoporosis, and for almost a year I walked around with scews in my arm.

 But on this trip I really felt God’s blessing, because several situations were formed later, which were resolved unexpectedly happily. And, of course, I did both – prayed  God and thanked for all the blessings. This is what I do now every day.

I like to look at the sky, there are often fabulously beautiful views. Several times I have seen clouds as angels, or at least as angel wings.

Testified: Gaida Sēle