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Christmas greetings from our pastors

The birth of Christ!

The holiest and brightest celebration! Therefore, on this day, let faith warm hearts, hope protect the soul and life be filled with love! When the stars twinkle on Christmas night, may your hottest and best wish come true. May the future bring understanding of the meaning of life and awareness of one’s own happiness! Let the past come only with bright memories, and the present remains happy and successful!

Pastor Vera Titoviča

The celebration of the Nativity of Christ comes to each of us again with a very important message: Once Jesus was born in one of the little houses of Bethlehem, in a very simple stone manger. Today He wants to be born in your heart and mine. Moreover, not only to be born, but also to grow…
May the light of this holy day also fill your heart and change your life! Let it turn from something insignificant into something big and important!

Superintendent Edgars Šneiders

I wish everyone

– big or small, young or already with life experience – to experience a true long-awaited Miracle at Christmas! The true miracle that fills the heart, brings joy and peace, and makes you wait every year anew.
A miracle – this little baby born in Bethlehem to take care of each of us.

Pastor Anna Dobele

It is no coincidence

that the Christian Church has chosen to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Christ in the darkest time of the year. It is a conscious choice to celebrate the victory of the True Light over darkness. I wish everyone oppressed by sorrow, doubt and darkness to open their heart and experience the miracle of new birth in their life. But if you are not only waiting for the birth of Jesus, but have already met the Savior and are a full-fledged child of God, then I encourage you not to lose sight of the main message – the second coming of Jesus – in this troubled time. May God richly bless us with his wisdom, strength and courage, may we be reliable preparers of the way!

Pastor Zinta Dzintara

Is Christmas

like taking down a dusty holiday and its decorations from the top of the closet for you and your family once a year? Or maybe buying new? Christ only as decoration? During the time of expectation and pleasant anxiety, during the meeting and the return of the light, let’s not forget the deepest and truest thing that can be born in us and take us completely – it is heavenly divine love, devotion and joy, liberation and meeting, which does not end in this luxurious holiday! Meet and experience the Living God!

Pastor Astra Dannenfeldt

When the world

is running and in a hurry, when the forces of darkness take over people’s hearts, then even more so today, seek God’s closeness, peace, hope and strength! May the birthday of Jesus be bright for you and your home…

in love pastor Vivita Kalniņa

I wish you

to experience the love of Jesus and its true power in your heart and soul on this holiday of Christ’s birth! Today we really don’t have to go to Bethlehem, as the song says – He wants to be born and live in your heart and life! If you do not yet know Jesus personally, then I wish you wisdom, courage and deep understanding in your soul that you need His touch, presence and guidance in your life! However, if you are already a child of God and live with Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit every day, then I wish you the same heart wisdom and courage to obey His guidance, call of love, to increase God’s light and love in the world, so that you are the salt of this earth! May this holiday be bright,sacredly solemn and full of love for everyone!

Pastor Kristine Rozefeldte

Jesus? Who is Jesus?

A man like you and me, BUT also the Son of God! Jesus was born into this corrupt world so that you and I could experience freedom from the slavery of sin! So that you and I, believing in the birth and death of Jesus, and the miracle of the resurrection, could get a great gift – eternal life! Jesus gives Himself to you! Accept and unpack and become a child of God! This is a gift that no one will be able to put under the Christmas tree.

Pastor Gunta Green-Sologuba

I wish for you and myself that the fruits of Jesus coming into the world and sacrificing Himself, faith, hope, peace and love dwell in our hearts each and everyday!
Truly, let us in His power, love one another, forgive one another and carry His light to all.
Together with the angels let us sing praises to our God on high!

Pastor Gita Medne

Christmas comes to you and us like a mother’s caress. Accept this holiday. Don’t be happy for them only from the sidelines. Listen in awe to this language and obey it.

Pastor Andris Vainovskis

Dear Latvian Methodist family!

May this Advent season and the whole coming year be rich in God’s blessings and miracles. May the light of Christ warm, fill and guide each of you.
Wishing you strong faith and health,

Jānis Grunte, pastor of Liepāja and Virga/Paplaka

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16)
Glory to God in the highest and blessed are you, reader, with this knowledge of truth in your heart!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Pastor Ilzite Ozola