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“BAKUGUNS” one year anniversary!

Thank you, God! Thanks to you, “Beacon” celebrates its first year with its readers. It is a blessing to know that You, God, have been speaking to people for a year through this ministry and for a little longer through the team of the newspaper, which celebrated its anniversary in August.
Dear reader, you are probably already aware that the newspapers you receive are a visible part of this ministry. I would like to tell you a little bit about what has been going on behind the scenes during this year, that is, how God has led us through this year.

Did you know that God gave His approval to the name of the newspaper several times, but we only realized it after we had voted unanimously for the name “Beacon”?

Have you ever had articles disappear before your eyes, but you know that you are the only one working on them at the time?
This quickly made us realise that it is worth keeping a duplicate copy of the documents.

Have you ever had someone who had agreed to provide tangible material suddenly change their mind? We did, but God gave us another person who gave us the same material in digital form, which was much more convenient for us.

Do you know that feeling when your plan has gone wrong but you have peace in knowing that God is in control? Well, we had a lot of those moments. It seems that the more it happens, the more you are convinced that God is in control.

Have you ever been surprised when you received your work? We had it with punctuation in one of the Russian editions, but God turned it into a reason for a woman to take a long time to read a sermon.

Have you ever learnt something new in a short space of time? We learned to layout in the process. Thank God that He gave us people who tried to help us. It is still amazing how God led us to the result you see.

Have you been working nights? We have. Often the articles for the website and print versions were prepared at night, because during the day, besides this ministry, we also have families, parish responsibilities, work and other things.

The past year has been filled with God’s presence and blessings. We have seen and heard testimonies of God speaking to people through the pages of the Beacon. This ministry is a joint work of God and people. I want you to know that God’s love does not have to be earned; He gives it to everyone through Jesus Christ.