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A new perspective

Condemning without finding out the truth… Jumping to conclusions before starting a conversation… I don’t want to be like that. Lord, help me gain a new perspective. And Jesus said: “Come, follow me”. Christ changes me. It happens gradually, step by step. I am in this process for days, weeks, months, and years. I am not complaining, I am grateful and happy that Jesus is changing me. If He did not believe that I could be changed, then He would not have given me the hope of receiving a new perspective on life…

Yes, Christ is changing me! It happens with a word and a thought. But when that is not enough for the result, He gives the opportunity to experience the lesson. I once considered people who couldn’t walk straight, without talking, often without even approaching, to be drunkards. Until I learned my lesson. When I seriously injured my ankle (I’ll maybe share about the injury and its healing another time), the injury made it difficult for me to walk straight. And, to my surprise, there were a lot of people who acted like me, that is, made conclusions about me without talking and loudly shaming me – so young and drunk… it’s only noon and already – drunk. I learned what it was like to be rejected without a conversation, and to be honest, I didn’t like it. Of course, there have also been more peaceful lessons. For example, after taking a shower at the hospital, alerting the roommates that the floor is wet despite the shower curtain being drawn. But while I was talking to my roommate, God gave me answers – why. And the moment God reminded me that there are people with disabilities, in wheelchairs, and bedridden people who also want a shower and hygiene, only then the shower curtain that does not reach the floor and the straight floor that overflows after the shower are no longer annoying and don’t get my attention.

A new perspective – a divine perspective, yes, that’s what I want. I want to look at this world with the eyes of Christ. I will succeed, I know, because God is my teacher. And He will guide me to the end because it is not in God’s nature to give up.