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God poured out miracles upon us

But now, this is what the Lord says—he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.
Isaiah 43:1-2 NIV

God spoke to me in a fantastic way to share my testimony. 

This writing place has something special, God says – WHEN you go through… not IF you go through…

It does not mean that God has given you such trials, it just means that you are still living on earth and there are times when you will encounter what was not intended for you, but you know – whatever you go through, God is by your side and when you pray, the answer is already on the way, when you keep your focus on God and take a step under His guidance, you know – in the end there is victory! 

Have you heard about God’s miracles that seem unreal, supernatural? Do you think they don’t exist anymore? Read on to find out…

This year, my husband and I had a happy event in our hearts, on May 29, my husband’s younger brother was consecrated in his church.  Our hearts rejoice over it. It was Sunday and we went to greet him on this Sunday. We left the house faster to buy more flowers, when we had bought the flowers we went to the Church where my husband’s younger brother will be consecrated. At the end of the service, I was invited to the Holy Communion, which I was so happy about, because I had not received it for some time due to various circumstances. During the Holy Communion I stood on my knees and told God – God here I am, here are my husband and children, my whole family and we belong to You. We agreed with You in one body and touch each of our hearts, protect it, guide it and be a shield. – How quickly everything went in a different direction and the focus suddenly floated away.. Unusually for our family, there was real wine in the cup. It was unexpected and our family does not drink, so it was a surprise for us unprepared, after the service we found out that this pastor was in this Church for the first time and in reality we could not participate in the Holy Communion because we are not in this church. I feel confused, somehow guilty..

Confusion, doubt and guilt – the devil sows it to divert us from our goal and focus!

We drove to the house and at that moment we had already been away from the house for 4 hours. Always driving past my house, I study him, and this time when I drove into the yard and observed the man’s room, it seemed strangely foggy – but after the service, I felt tired and did not pay attention to it. Approaching the door of the house and opening it, I heard strange sound signals. When I opened the door, I realized that the smoke detector was beeping, but I didn’t see that anything was burning, when I looked to the left at the door of the man’s room, the door frame was black from the smoke that was trying to sound through it. It was a shock. I started calling my husband because the shock had completely taken over me. I was told to go further out of the house, at that moment the husband tried to enter his room, but the heat and the poisonous corrosive smoke held him back and the door was difficult to open. It finally worked after a couple of tries, but it was almost impossible to see anything in the black cloud of smoke. The husband saw that something was smoldering a little above the floor, but there were no flames. How is that possible? When taken outside, it turned out to be a hand paper towel. All the doors were opened so that the smoke would be vented as quickly as possible and we would understand what had happened. Only after a while we realized that the room was on fire, the entire solar panel charging system, the melting plastic had further affected such specific things as ourselves, car technical passports, wifi router, mobile phone, Ukrainian refugee car keys with immobilizer, our car keys with immobilizer.. I looked at all this with tears in my eyes and I thank God – our house is made of wood, the only wall in this room that was plastered was this wall where the entire charging system stood, everything else was Plasterboard, just above the system the ceiling was drawn the wires coming into this system they were all on fire but stopped at the ceiling because my husband had wrapped foil around each wire. When entering the room, it felt as if God had placed a shield around the entire device, which was burning in such a way as to prevent the fire from spreading. On the opposite wall, the bottles had melted from the heat, everything was deformed… That day we came to a fire that God had already extinguished. Note: even though the wires were burnt and even the batteries and devices that convert the current so that the household appliances can work, the electricity in the house was still on and the water pump was still running. However, for safety reasons, we quickly disconnected everything. I tried to eliminate the smoke deposits in the whole house for a long time, thank God our house was insured, but will they pay out the insurance if the only electricity we get is from solar panels and the whole system burned down? 

We were praying for God to guide and arrange everything. God gave a certified person only 40 minutes before we had to announce whether we would find a person who would assess the cause of the fire, otherwise the process would take longer and they would send their own certified person, which would mean even longer the consequences of the fire, so that it could be assessed. A month later, the insurance paid us the money and we started renovating the room, which has now been completely renovated. In addition, God simply poured out His miracles upon us: we have a 4x more powerful system that collects and transforms current (the one that burned); We added solar panels; The whole system was placed outside and God provided a miracle-iron box for nothing, when others asked for 100 euros for a similar one; The keys of the Ukrainian refugee’s car, although they were melted and badly damaged, the immobilizers worked, the car can be unlocked and driven. Car keys currently serve their owners well!; Our car can also be unlocked and started. We do not stop praising God! No, it is not the horror that we went through, in our situation God poured out His grace, supernatural miracles so abundantly that we can safely say that God has blessed us more than we ever thought and sometimes it is beyond our mind. What is your focus on when something like this comes?