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Are your eyes open right now? Do you also see with your heart?

I really like the song “Lord, open your eyes to see Jesus”. Say, mysticism? How can you actually see Jesus unless you are hallucinating? In my opinion, Jesus can be seen with the heart.

The beautiful words of the song invite you to open your eyes, ears, heart – “…to be able to feel and carry love…to be able to hear and obey Him…to live for Jesus…”.

However, if our friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances are still living in darkness…they have not accepted Jesus…they have not recognized Him as the Savior of their Soul. The question is, what are we doing wrong? What am I personally doing wrong?

Recently, there was a case that made me think again – what is really happening to us Christians. I am involved in several chats of Christian people. And it is more and more often surprising what kind of news there is a reaction to… If someone blesses others and shares the Word of God, then a couple of chat members respond well. If any news, cases, or economic issues are discussed, almost all “christian hearts” get involved. No, don’t read between the lines, don’t look for subtext, don’t look for condemnation! There is no such thing! I often don’t write anything…I make it a practice to pray briefly and immediately when I read a disturbing message. I “look after” my heart so that I care what happens to others.

Already in Christian chat topics, our priorities appear. You will say – the Bible already says about Martha and Mary? Is the spiritual more important for one, the practical for the other?

I am worried that often service to Jesus – here I mean various Christian events, projects, activities – covers Jesus.

I see furrowed brows and wide eyes asking: “How can Christian ministry push Jesus into the background?” Can! If the service process itself becomes more important than the reason why and whom we serve. But we are called to serve our fellow human beings. Each of us is called to serve our neighbor with our gifts. The Bible gives clear instructions about this. It is important to remember and understand that we will all be judged and sorted on the day of God’s righteous judgment. I hope that we will come to the right hand of Jesus. (Matthew 25:34-40)

“…in the darkness of the world, let us see the light…to be able to live and carry His light.”

I wish, I wish with all my heart, that we would be like a ray of light in the lives of others. To be a blessing to others. Beautiful words…but sometimes they remain just words…