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UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS – Can you trust your family, friends, your neighbour?

Have you often trusted people – close, loved one – and been hurt?  Feeling let down?  I am.  I have such a vice as to imagine my loved ones more correct (if I can express myself that way) than maybe they are…And when they hurt me with their actions and words, I feel unhappy and disappointed…But I keep stepping on this  imaginary  rake and keep getting hit in my face…

 The last beating was quite profound…I felt the pain of disappointment to the point of tears…Because it is the close ones, the loved ones who can hurt the most…I was hurt by the words and actions of my dear Christians.  Faithful friends shattered my expectations and hopes…I got angry.  I got offended.  I condemned them…

  Fortunately, after a short time, I realized that God was teaching me a lesson.  Heavenly Father teaches me to accept people as they really are.  Even more, God teaches me to love my neighbours regardless of their words or actions.  Teaches me not to get angry, not to be offended, not to judge.  The words came to mind – only


 St.Matthew, St.Mark, and St.Luke say that family and friends will betray you.  Harsh words, but true.  We ourselves, with our words and deeds – not to mention our thoughts – deceive and betray others… 

 It takes a lot of courage to dig deep inside and admit to ourselves that we are not white and fluffy like the first snow.  Can you and I always be trusted by those around you?  Do we always keep our promises?  Do we know how to keep the secrets entrusted to us?  Don’t we sometimes let others down by thinking of our own benefit?  Don’t we sometimes, when we get into a group of gossipers, start gossiping about the person who is not present?  If we only listen in silence, it is treason, because the person being talked to cannot defend himself.  If you discover a dark side in yourself now, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Let’s start to change!  Let’s learn to be reliable!  Let’s start small.  For the Word of God says:

 “He who is faithful in the smallest matter is also faithful in great things.”  (Luke 16:10)

  And let’s learn to accept people as they are – with imperfections, mistakes, dark sides.

  Because only


 Knowing our weakness, God’s Word comforts us:

 “If we are unfaithful, He will remain faithful (2 Timothy 2:13)

  The Scriptures will not let us forget: 

 “God is faithful.”  (1 Corinthians 1:9)

 In the Bible we can read wonderful promises that are always true. 

 Here’s one of them for the mount.:

 “The Lord is faithful.  He will make you strong and protect you from evil.” (2 Thessalonians 3:3) 

 Let’s be faithful – pray for each other, encourage and strengthen each other whenever possible!