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September 2022

UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS – Can you trust your family, friends, your neighbour?

Heavenly Father teaches me to accept people as they really are. Even more, God teaches me to love my neighbours regardless of their words or actions. Teaches me not to get angry, not to be offended, not to judge. The words came to mind - ONLY GOD IS FAITHFUL. It takes a lot of courage to dig deep inside and admit to ourselves that we are not white and fluffy like the first snow. Can you and I always be trusted by those around you?

Where to find inspiration?

I praise and thank God for His presence in every decision I make, but is it really as easy as it sounds? My answer is NO! Trusting God in such a stressful time is not easy at all, finding ideas and thoughts may not be easy either, you may feel drained, powerless, without the desire to do anything, we are only human, it happens! But this is the breaking point, when you realize that without His help, in your own strength, you will not be able to do much. GOD IS INSPIRATION!