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How did the newspaper “Bākuguns” personally help you get closer to God?

In the newspaper, I translated not only my own articles, but also others. God has only recently revealed to me the gift of translation, and it is not yet complete. Through translation, God especially reveals Himself and draws me deeply. I praise God for every revelation and confirmation He gives me. (Liene Licite)

While working on the “Awkward Conversations” column, I discovered the depth of God’s Word, noticing nuances that were previously hidden from my eyes.  In conversations with people, I hear testimonies of God’s presence in their lives, and this gives me strength. And I am grateful to everyone for their frankness. God teaches me to understand His will and obey it. And I’m still learning… (Rita Lapsina)

There are two ways “Bākuguns” helps me get closer to God. First, I see and experience how God works in the editorial office itself. He faithfully leads us in one direction – often we don’t discuss this or that topic, or the direction for the monthly issue, but the Holy Spirit has subordinated everything in our life so that we write, interview people and fix topics that complement each other in blessing… Only God can do this! Although this is just one example, there is a touch of God in our team, and it is His infinite trust that brings me closer to God. And the second way is the versatility of the newspaper itself – through articles, sermons, historical scenes, interviews…  God allows me to open and taste His heart more and more. (Kristina Rosefelde)

In this ministry, I am convinced that if God calls you to something, He will also take care that you receive everything you need for this. (Laura Sudare)

What amazes me the most is how God works out the topics for each newspaper. When I’m going to write an article, I think about what might be relevant in the youth section. These are my own thoughts. When I pray in front of a computer screen, God is teaching me to put my ego aside, look at things from a different perspective, or come up with a new topic! The service in the newspaper is not always easy, but through it I draw closer to God and learn to trust in the Lord! (Laine Guzlena)