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June 2022

Who do you serve?

God opened my eyes and helped me accept the fact that I thought of the problem from the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I went to sleep. And even waking up at night that is my first thought. Although I stood up, I thought more about the problems than about the Biblical promises I stood for.
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About gratitude…

On the way back to the once lost holiness, on the way to the grace of God, there is healing of our hearts, true faith and genuine gratitude. On the way to God's blessing, we will all receive praise from God. All. Not one but ten.

Catch the wind of the Spirit

On the morning of Pentecost in Jerusalem, the disciples were behind closed doors, preoccupied with themselves and each other. They processed their experiences and their failures. I imagine they were talking about Jesus’ resurrection and what He meant when He said that they should wait Jerusalem until they were equipped with power from on high. They have already waited for 10 days, and none of them know how much longer they must wait. Now it has become Pentecost, the end of the Passover celebration of the Jews and a feast of God's law the Ten Commandments.