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We are each born into our own family, which God has provided for us. Sometimes we are born into families with both parents, sometimes one. Some families may be better off, some may be more modest. What family probably radiates love for everyone, what family is more restrained, but still loves you. We cannot choose the families in which we are born, but we can choose to join God’s family! 

The Gospel of John says that by believing in Jesus, we become children of God. This means that everyone who trusts Jesus is accepted into God’s family. We are members of a spiritual family with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

But what does that mean? 

We are all united by the Father, who accepted us into His family because of His great love. God accepts us as we are. God accepts us as we are. He accepts everyone with his talents, character traits and sins. The Bible says that we are all one flesh in His family. It’s not always easy to be one flesh, but God planned to be one flesh to glorify Him! 

This spiritual family is necessary because God strengthens us through the spiritual family. God created our families so that we can mentor each other and be together when needed. He protects us because we are each other. Even when the world around us affects us, it is beneficial for us to turn to both God and His family! There are times when we want our problems or good news, questions or thoughts to be heard not only by God, but also by someone close! Each of us needs friends, and we can get more blessed advice from those who know God and have accepted Him into their hearts! 

We should try to build a relationship with God’s family, solving problems as they arise, not cutting off contact with these people. For a relationship to exist, we must have mutual love and respect for each other, even if it is not at all easy, and we must work to strengthen and build these relationships. Of course, you need to learn how to ask for forgiveness and forgive each other.

We are just human, we make mistakes, we sin, we get tired, we are overwhelmed, or we are in a state of increased stress. Such circumstances tend to separate us from the spiritual family, do not want to go to church or a group of young people, do not want to answer messages or calls, but remember that relationships are formed through interaction. We need to take care of each other and remind us of God’s true purpose for us!