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Wesley in camp

I am a faithful servant in the camp of Wesley, for this is the place where God leads me and where my heart burns! I have participated in so many kinds of ministry in this place, so I want to ignite this flame in your heart, because both the peace and the joy of God dwells here!

Why go to Wesley’s camp?

I was in Wesley camp last summer for the first year! There are so many different ways and forms to get to know God in the camp, especially for me who didn’t know much about God before! It is possible to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. This was the first camp that was not organized by my parents and I could not say at any time that I would not participate, but I would sit on the sidelines! Evita, 16

In the camp you can learn a lot and learn about God, you can make a lot of handicrafts. In the camp you can make friends, run, sing and sit by the fire. You have to go to the camp, because it’s cool there! Rebeka, 6

My name is Paula. I’ve been going to Wesley’s camp for about 10 years. I started as a member, then I have been a leader for several years and in recent years I have been a STAFF team. I go to the camp because it is a place where you can “disconnect” from the outside world. This is not only during the camps, but also when you go out to work during the off-season. I recommend everyone to go to this place, because there you can meet new people and meet people you have known for a long time. But that is not the only reason I have a very warm heart that can be seen as children, teens and young people have grown mentally and physically as participants and leaders experience God. Every day at the camp is like a challenge and a day of new adventures. There are both tears and laughter. Every year in the camp is different and often newcomers who do not know God, experience Him during the camps and start attending the nearest church. With joy we are waiting for everyone! We support each other and we are like one big family and God is happy about it! If God is happy, so are we! Paula, 23

You can really meet God in the camp! We found out about it by asking questions to its manager.

Have you experienced how people in Camp Wesley know God, or how else do they experience His presence?

Yes, definitely, these stories are many and varied every year. Others encounter God for the first time, who knows Him from the other side, to whom it is a repeated promise to God. This place is very special, here in the Christian environment you can get to know yourself, The Triune God, and other people much more openly and truthfully!

How can you tell that a person has really met Jesus?

The question of how this can be said sounds very interesting. No situation is identical and no one is the same as the other, because everyone may have a different situation. Of course, no one grows their wings or the nimbs do not shine above their heads when they accept Christ. For someone, it may be like a small seed and a smile has finally appeared on their face, because they have realized that there is finally HOPE in life, that everything is not so bad and black at all. For someone else, it can be an amazing experience to learn that God is good, that life with Him can be cool, and that Christians are feynes! For another, it may be like falling to the cross with a prayer that I am your child, please accept me. Those situations can indeed be so many and varied, there is no single situation by which it can be understood that he has now known or accepted Jesus in his heart. But if I have to say what unites these people, then it is definitely an additional hope in the eyes that can be felt that a person has really realized that there is something more valuable and better!

Is there a clear testimony of someone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior?

Those bright and immediate moments are not what I personally remember the most. Of course, they are talked about as someone who knows nothing about Christ becoming an ardent follower, but those closest to me are those where I can see God gradually cultivating a seed that has been sown. From a child who has started to go to the camps, he becomes a seeking teenager, later a young man who is ready to serve in the camp. During these years, there have been people who are afraid to come to the camp for the first time, but when they feel God’s presence, they become active ministers year after year, they grow into this place of God’s love and spiritual family, and their hearts burn for it! This patient, slow story is what surprises me and reminds me who THE REAL GARDENER is. We are only sowers, the results will not always be immediate, we do not have to run ahead of time. (Wesley Camp Leader – Anita Ercuma)

This season, various jobs are planned, both physically harder and lighter, but the camp manager Anita will find a suitable job for everyone! I want to encourage you to come, put your art in this God-given land with practical service to make this place even more beautiful for everyone who comes here this summer to come to an event or camp!

See the dates for the various events, open your planner, prepare your heart for some testimony, and you may hear God’s call to serve! You can apply to serve or ask Anita questions! (27010527)

Camps and dates:

  • Wesley Days- 28.06-02.07
  • Children’s camp – 06.07.-10.07. 
  • Teen camp 12.07.-16.07. 
  • Youth camp – 20.07.-24.07.

Planned clean-up in May: 14.05 and 21.05

Events and their dates:

  • The shortest night fellowship 23.06.-24.06. 
  • Conference 19.08.-21.08.