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May 2022

Wesley in camp

I am a faithful servant in the camp of Wesley, for this is the place where God leads me and where my heart burns! I have participated in so many kinds of ministry in this place, so I want to ignite this flame in your heart, because both the peace and the joy of God dwells here!

History Column

It is necessary to make a covenant with our eyes, and with our ears too, and all our senses, or they will prove the inlet of temptation and sin. If you find yourself in danger, turn your thoughts away instantly. If you let your mind run on, it is impossible you should avoid impure thoughts. Here is the responsibility, the will can control the thoughts, you can think of one thing or you can think of another, as you please, and thus control your emotions, and therefore you are responsible for them.

Greetings in may

Knowing that God created and blessed me before my parents even thought about it draws my gaze even more to Him, closer to Him. I am His daughter and He is my Father. He, like my parents, is with me in my thoughts and actions. I am honored to carry His name to the people and remind us that everyone is a child of God wherever we go!

Jesus Christ is my brother!

I would say that I always obey God, but then I would be lying. What does it mean to be part of God's family? Should man's merit lie in obedience to the Holy Spirit and obedience to God? Maybe God accepts only the chosen ones into His family, so to speak, the number of places is limited..