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Some people think God is angry most of the time, but the Bible teaches us the opposite! You are always close and pleasing to God, even if you feel completely different! Even if you feel useless, have sinned too much, or are too far removed from God, He loves you! God has long since left behind the bad things you did or the horrible words you told someone. Of course, God was angry or disappointed at the time with your actions, but God forgives and moves forward! What about you? You should not worry about losing God’s goodness by mistake. God’s goodness, like His love for you, never ends. It is always with us, for us and around us! His goodness is forever. In fact, goodness does not exist at all without God, He is the beginning of all good.

When you become a Christian, there is no guarantee that your life will now be without difficulties and challenges, but with Christ, these difficulties are much easier to perceive and endure! Think, if you had to carry a heavy object, you might not be able to do it alone, but with someone you would be able to do it, because it’s easier! So it is with God, He will help you overcome your difficulties. Even if you do something wrong, remember that God is good and you do not have to worry about moving away from Him because of your actions. God has no evil mind, He is good! Ask for forgiveness and continue your journey with Him! Sometimes it is very easy to tell someone that you need to ask forgiveness and everything will be forgiven.

A relationship with God is also a relationship in which we humans are often unable to fully understand God, His answers, and how to maintain that relationship. We sin, grieve and hurt God with our thoughts, words and deeds, but God is ready to move on. ARE YOU READY? Repent, ask forgiveness, and feel His presence, love, and goodness!