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Evidence of God’s power over time

I want to share another evidence of the presence of God in my life.

One Sunday, shortly before the service, I got a call from the church and was asked to buy what I needed for Communion. I said, yes, but I was worried… I had enough time to get to church. But have time to run to the store ?! I prayed to God for help in this matter and ran into the store. There I took what I needed and went to the cash register… And I saw a long line… The clock showed that in 10 minutes the service should begin… To my surprise (because I am impatient by nature), I felt complete peace.

Once I got what I needed, I quickly moved on. I must admit that I am physically unable to run … I knew perfectly well that I would be at least 10 minutes late. I have already come up with a strategy how to prepare everything for Communion in a less noticeable way and put it on the altar … Therefore, when I entered the church, it was a big surprise for me that my clock showed – there were still 5 minutes left! During these 5 minutes, I managed to prepare and put everything I needed on the altar. And she quietly sat down in her place ….

Before you ask, I will answer. – No, my watch didn’t break or stop because other watches showed the same time. And that way to the church (even if you don’t go in and don’t stand in line at the store) can’t be done in 10 minutes, even by running. This is possible only with FULL TRUST IN GOD!

        I am convinced that many more of us have evidence of God’s presence in our lives – that EVERYTHING IS IN THE POWER OF GOD, THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO GOD!

Don’t be a miserly Christian whose personal testimony of God’s power and grace remains behind a “closed door”! Share and testify to encourage and strengthen others in the faith!

In the love of Christ, Rita