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Church Night

Church Night is approaching. Therefore, we asked our Baiba Sphere – Spore to tell us a little bit about what Church Night is and how she, as part of the organizing team, sees it.

What is a Church Night event?

The Church Night event is a call to all Latvian churches, and not only Latvian churches, to have an open door, hearts and minds, so that everyone can safely enter the church on this day without imposing any obligations. This is a day when any denomination can break stereotypes about what Christians are and what church life is like on a daily basis. The day when most churches come in united prayer and agree on common evangelism. 

How long has Church Night been going on?

Church Night has been going on since 2014. It will be 9 time this year.

How long have you been on the Church Night organizing team?

In 2015, I organized the Church Night event in my congregation, Liepāja Methodist Church. After that, I was invited to join the team and be the coordinator of Kurzeme region. 

Is it possible to approach God during this event?

For sure! Many churches use this event for evangelism. 

What do you like about Church Night? 

I like several things. One of them is that I can visit churches I haven’t been to at this time. The second is to experience God’s presence in every place I have entered. 

Do the church night churches that attended give you a look at how they went?

Yes, we ask congregations to share it. Before the pandemic, about two weeks after the incident, we invited Church Night representatives to a meeting.  We came together in friendship, praised and shared experiences. In recent years, we have asked for a brief description of the Church Night event.

What should people consider to be participating as a visitor?

On our website ( there is a map with marked places where each church is marked. I suggest you choose a route, look at how many churches are open. Maybe something special is also planned in one of the churches. And of course comfortable shoes! 

What about you, reader, have you attended church night? Maybe you have a vivid event in your memory that reveals God’s presence in it?

Share your experience by writing to us at

This year’s Church Night event will take place on May 28, 2022. You will find the application form at