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April 2022

Greatings from Apelonija

We recognize the importance of prayer, although we often do not realize the extent to which this significance really exists. By wavering between doubt and faith, we often deprive ourselves of the true power of prayer, not realizing how great its potential is.

Church Night

Church Night is approaching. Therefore, we asked our Baiba Sphere - Spore to tell us a little bit about what Church Night is and how she, as part of the organizing team, sees it.


our human nature is lazy to serve. Even less do we want to serve in secret. To be honest, we all want honor and recognition. More than once I caught myself wanting to say (and sometimes say): “Did I do it well?” And I want to receive an affirmative answer, praise for my ministry. But the more I understand the Holy Scriptures, the less often I have this desire.