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I will start with a small indent. Maybe someone is confused by the elephant in the picture next to this column? Please be patient, I’ll explain right away.

The expression “elephant in the room” means an important, painful or controversial issue that people know about, but do not want to talk about. People pretend not to see it, for various reasons do not want to “pull out” and solve it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

To clarify the matter, I will start with my personal example … I am overweight (it was even bigger, but since I started communicating with my “elephant”, the weight has also started to return to normal). When I finish pretending there are no problems … Ever since I stopped to excuse myself and look for reservations, everything has changed. My „elephant” turned out to be friendly. He wanted me to resolve and rectify the situation … But all in a row.

I had read in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 3:16 “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” As if I knew we are a temple of God, but I had never personified it. GOD LIVES IN ME ?! What dwelling am I for Him? Is my soul’s dwelling clean? Is there enough light? What is hidden in the dark corners? … Questions arose faster than answers. It was very clear that I had to start by clearing the „home attic”. As well as the fact that I cannot do without God’s help. I PRAY GOD CLEAN MY MIND FIRST! God “took the broom” and began to clean layer by layer. I had no idea how much “dirt and rubbish ” was in my head. And I can’t even imagine how my mind has been polluted by the television broadcasts and the cocktail of information. I realized that the cleaned places of the temple should be filled with values …


And I ask God to fill cleaned places with love for fellow human beings. I pray over and over again, because sometimes love disappears somewhere …

And only then I had the courage to read the next verses: 1.Corinthians 3:17 “If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

And again, questions like an avalanche overwhelmed me. Do I also take proper care of my physical body? About my health? How well do I take care of it? Is it pleasing to God (to whom I belong from the ends of my hair to my heels) to look at me? Isn’t it negligence and indulgence on my own ego – do I taste it, don’t I taste it, I want it, I don’t want it? I realized that I can`t resolve my weight problem and eating habits alone …                                                                                                                                                                                             

And here comes the main secret – I am asking God for help in solving this problem too, for “all things are possible to God” (Matthew 19:26) and “whatever you ask in your prayers by faith you will receive” (Matthew 21:22). . I invited Jesus Christ in my relationship with my „elephant”. I pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the journey to a healthy body. And, you know, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit helped and continues to help me!

Tell us about your “elephant in the room”. Share your testimony if you look into your „elephant`s” eyes or are going to do it. Every testimony of God’s presence in our lives can strengthen others. Write to us at the newspaper email –