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What is the Bible? When, why and how to read it?

The Bible – more or less everyone knows that it is a book, which is of God, but not all know that God is the true author!  God spoke to 40 people, each writing at least one book in the Bible, it contains a total of 66 books, which were written for about 1,500 years. The Bible was written on 3 different continents- Africa, Asia and Europe, and 3 different languages ​​- Hebrew, Amaric and Greek,however, it should be read as a single book, as it has a common message- Proclaim God’s Word to the world! 

Why should we read the Bible? It is reliable and can change you! However, for that to happen,it should not be a tray for a cup of tea, decorative element in your interior or store dust on your bookshelf! 

How to read the Bible effectively? I can answer in one word- REGULARLY!!! Why? Because even one article you read a day will change you, as long as you stick to it! Reading the Bible is a habit, but to strengthen it you have to be purposeful and willpower, otherwise, reading will be quickly forgotten and you will not let God change your heart and you will deny yourself the opportunity to hear what you really need to hear at this time!

 Tips for creating a Bible Habit:

  • Read at the same time each day.
  • Find a place where you can be alone and no one bothers you.
  • Even if you only have 5 minutes- read it anyway! 5 minutes is more than not to read! 
  • Before reading, ask God to address you through this scripture that you will read in the Bible. 
  • If you do not understand what you have read, mark it and ask someone to help you understand it!

When I was a girl, I didn’t have a Bible app on my phone, I grew up reading the Bible in paper format, although I now use the Bible app a lot, I heartily recommend- take the Bible in your hands! Print on paper and bind in covers! Why? It’s a whole different feeling, a special feeling, to hold this book in your hands, it’s much more personal, but those are just my thoughts! Why else read the printed Bible? To learn how to navigate and find what you need! Even if you sometimes feel like you don’t understand anything, God knows God knows what you need at that time! Ask God to help you understand what the Bible says, and ask for help explaining the Scriptures to a spiritual leader, a faithful friend, pastor or me. You can contact me by writing to the newspaper’s e-mail