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Testimony of Edith Jansone

We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 75:1 NIV

Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen… John 3:11 NIV

Thank you, Edith Jansone, for agreeing to testify so that we can get to know God better!

Hello. One of the hardest stages of my life was when I didn’t know Living God. I met a man, we started living together while I already had 2 girls 5 and 6 years old from my previous relationship. At that time I worked in the shop from morning to 8 pm while my daughters were cared for by their stepfather. He drank a lot of alcohol, beated me, humiliated me until I took my daughters and left him. Twelve years went by and I learned the worst tragedy of my life. It happened during the Midsummer festival, we celebrated, we drank alcohol, my daughters were with us and our friends and relatives. Everyone celebrated until my eldest daughter insulted me and blamed me for what kind of mother I am. And then she revealed that her stepfather had used her 12 years ago. I couldn’t believe it and asked the other daughter if it was true, the daughter replied that yes it was.  At that moment my heart overtook the biggest hatred, anger and revenge. I wanted to kill my daughter’s stepfather!… but this man had met another woman and had moved to another city. I didn’t see him anymore. But my anger, my wrath, and my vengeance had strong roots. After a few years I got to know the Live God. God wonderfully cleansed my heart, healed and restored it. One day in Messenger I received a friendship request, I looked and it was him, the stepfather of the daughters… Everything in me turned upside down, that hatred, the revenge and anger was not gone. My hands trembled, I declined the friendship request. A couple of months passed and he again invited me to be friends on Messenger. And I hear in my heart, confirm! I confirmed. A message came from him immediately… I open and read. But I can’t answer because everything inside me starts to boil…  From then on I prayed for my heart and for this situation and I asked God: “Why is this man writing to me?” A few days later he wrote to me again… it was written there: “I also want to give my life to God, what should I do?” It shocked me. I realized that God was working on my heart, God was actually cleansing me and teaching me to forgive, and God was cleaning this man’s heart as well. At first I invited him to a homegroup. It was the first time in 14 years that I met him and saw him face to face. I was praying for that evening, there were more people who prayed and knew about this event of my life. But the whole evening turned out so blessed, we felt God’s presence. Next time I invited him to church service and a few months later he accepted Jesus as his Savior. He is now God’s beloved child. I have forgiven him because God  has forgiven him. I no longer have hatred, anger or revenge, God worked wonderfully with our hearts. If I hadn’t met Living God… I would definitely be in jail and he would be dead. Forgive…for I have forgiven you. God is mighty and good.

Editorial Note: Published with the permission of the girl. She is in the process of forgiveness.