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Encouragement from the UMC of Latvia Board

Hello reader! At the beginning of this year, the people associated with the board of LAMB came together to be in commonwealth. We spent time in sincerity, conversation, laughter, prayer and worship and in the communion held together, which was filled with the encouragement of the Holy Ghost for the coming year let not every strength and zeal for the service of God be consumed, and we may continue to grow in the grace of God! 

At this Holy Communion I have heard some exhortations, which I want to implement this year and reveal them to you too! Be prepared for God-led challenges, opening your heart to hear the voice of God, for God has something to say to you! When you hear what He says- ACT! You may not like what God is calling you to do but clearly this is His plan for your life! You will most likely have to get out of your comfort zone, you will have to take some radical or uncharacteristic action and pay attention to yourself, which  would not normally do, but we are all children of God, whose mission is to bring themselves and others closer to the kingdom of God! I would like to encourage us all to achieve this goal and say-

be brave to take on new challenges!