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Creative Team – Andris

Andris Vainovskis

My name is Andris Vainovskis and I am the pastor at Riga 2nd congregation of UMC of Latvia. I came to this world in the last century 😊 in the city of Jurmala, Bulduri. As I was breathing in the sea air, I grew in height, strength and wisdom until I could go to church on Sundays before school. My parents were heavily involved in church life. And I had no choice – but to go with them, whether winter or summer. I am thankful to them for always supporting church life and involving me in many projects. Of course, I didn’t always do it with pleasure. When I was young I often forgot about God because other worries and my lifestyle took me away from God. That doesn’t mean I didn’t think about Him, but somehow He took second place. God’s patience with the trials towards me personally is fantastic – given all that I have experienced both at sea and in the army, and even to this day. He has generously blessed me in family life – with children and grandchildren – and that is why my wife and I feel very rich! It is an amazing grace of God that we can be such a great family!

Being a part of the newspaper team is no strange work to me. I still remember the time before Latvia regained its independence and before the restoration of the Methodist Church when I served in the Lutheran Church. Then I took an active part in the creation of the newspaper “Christian”. Today everything is modern but at that time I was printing copies of newspapers on a typewriter. I regularly sat for long nights to typewrite the required number in a month.

I am extremely happy to be part of the team of this newspaper and especially the name “The Lighthouse” warms my heart. Since I have spent several years at sea, I know this indescribable feeling, when you have not seen the shore for a long time and go out on board in the middle of the night, you see this beacon signal in the distance. This light made me feel that you are not alone and that the home where someone is waiting for you and cares for you is close. Also, in order to get home – approaching this light is the right way. It is the same for the children of God – seeing the light of God! Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: No one comes to the Father except through me.” May the Light of God shine and lead many on the right path!