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A conversation with God

Hi reader, it is me again – Laine! Today, I would like to talk about prayer – a conversation with God, as well to ask you a couple of questions. Do you think conversations with your friends, family, teachers, and other people in your life have a significant meaning? I know that people are different, and some are talking a lot, others tend to listen better, but it is good when both of these traits are in balance. How often do you talk to people around you? I am doing it every day, otherwise we would have problems understanding each other if we had no conversations.

Now, think for a moment, if you talk to your friends and family daily, what about God? Has he not earned your attention every day? I would naturally be happy to hear if you could acknowledge praying to God several times a day, but that is not always the case. I know that there tend to be also longer moments of silence and restarting regular conversations with God sometimes is a challenging task, though definitely worth it! Think about what would happen if you talked with your friends or family once a week, once a month, or once a year? 

God wants to listen to us and answer us, He awaits each conversation. God is not interested in what is our state of mind, how we look or where we are located at when we talk with Him. Prayer is a conversation! I have come across the phrase “I don’t know how to pray” many times. If prayer is a conversation, then ask yourself if you know how to communicate. If you are in doubt or you are not sure about what to say, then you can be certain that disciples also were asking Jesus to teach them how to pray. You can do the same!

God has left us clear answers and examples in the Bible on when and how to pray and what should be included in our prayer. Talk with Him when you are worried! Trouble or anxiety make your body tense, you are not able to focus, emotions take the upper hand. Worrying deprives us from courage and drives fear and insecurity. Dare to talk to God and ask Him to take care of everything that worries you and give you courage to act!

 Talk to Him whenever you want to talk with God! Tell him how you feel. God wants to hear your prayers also when you are happy and have everything in order. God longs for simple, genuine, and real conversations with you!

What can you include in your prayers? Thanksgiving and praise to the Lord – He is happy to hear that we rejoice about Him and praise Him for who He is, and what He does in our lives. Repent your wrong deeds and wrong words, anything you have even thought wrongfully. God has given His Son who died for our sins so that He could forgive us our sins when we repent. And, of course, we can address God with our pleas because He is mighty and provides us with anything we need and even more!

How to pray to God? The way you feel comfortable talking to Him! It is not important if your eyes are shut or open, hands are put together or not, whether you are on your knees, you are going for a walk or you are sleeping in bed, it is not important if you pray aloud or in your thoughts. It is essential that you do it from the heart! Be God’s friend, talk to Him every day, because strong friendship is formed through conversations.