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World Christian News

Our pastor of UMC of Latvia Anna Dobele who is also the lieutenant and chaplain of the Latvian Army sends us all warm greetings! She is currently on a mission to Kosovo – a country where Muslims live close with Christians, although this has not always been the case in history. And here is a message from her which is worth to thinking about and praying for. Anna emphasises COMPASSION! This is something that everyone in the world needs. It is very easy to show compassion to every Christian – because they are our brothers and sisters. But it’s important to show compassion for those who believe differently, behave differently, don’t look like you and have many other differences. Why? Because we are all human. It is important to show compassion, which also manifests itself in respect for others. Because Christ calls to love our neighbors  (and even the enemies in Matthew 5:44) – that means to love our neighbor who believes differently, behaves differently, dresses differently, or has any other differences. Let us pray both for this observation shown by Anna on a mission and for herself, who wants to be a true instrument in God’s hands, with God-given wisdom and guidance in this work. As well as her peace of mind of her loved ones at home being far away!

(Info. November 24) 17 missionaries were abducted on October 16 this year, citing the Christian Aid Ministries in Haiti. This was done by a violent gang (400 Mawozo) which has been active for some time now and the government is powerless. There are 16 missionaries from the United States and 1 from Canada, and between them they have 5 children. Two missionaries were released after 37 days being kidnapped but the gang is still demanding $ 17 million in ransom for the rest. The powerlessness of the local government is beginning to be condemned by indigenous people. Because with 300 abductions recorded by Haitian police in the first eight months of 2021 alone, however, the number is now over 600 abductions.

Afghan refugees are still seeking asylum in all possible countries of the world. Significantly, most received their support and assistance not only from the local governments, but most receive both practical and spiritual assistance from Christian congregations. The United States, for example, hosted 50,000 refugees in November, and many congregations even provide English language training, as well as safe haven and the much-needed “safety net”. And with this kind of practical help the Good News is proclaimed and evangelised.

The miracle of the COVID-19 virus is happening in Africa. Wafaa El-Sadr, head of the Department of Global Health at Columbia University, said: “Although Africa does not have the vaccine and the resources to fight COVID-19, which is available to other countries, they are clearly doing better than the rest of the world.” Statistics show that less than 6% of people are vaccinated in Africa but for months Africa has been recognised as the least affected region by COVID-19. A spokesman for the local health ministry said, “It doesn’t always matter how much money you have or how sophisticated hospitals you have!” Yes, interesting! Who do you think plays a role?

A suicide bombing in Uganda was organised by an ISIS. A pastor was also recently killed in Uganda who refused to obey Muslim extremists to close his church. Did you know that the president of Uganda is a Christian who has been in government for 35 years? Despite the torment that many Christians experience there, the Church of Christ in Uganda is growing.

Hindu radical nationalists in India are illegally getting the government to ban Christians from holding their worship services. More than 50 congregations are currently closed.

Prepared by Kristine Rozefelde