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Sometimes we know about God because our family is part of a congregation, we had been brought up in a Christian family, our granny had always been keen to tell what the sermon was about, or the neighbor had been taking us to church from childhood together with her children. Though, not always it happens this way. Sometimes children find out about God in pre-school or school, sometimes we have a friend who had started their faith road in their teenage years, but sometimes it happens even later in life!

It is often that people know about God, but are not in a personal relationship, which is how it happened with me. When I was a child, I found out a lot about God from my teacher of Christian ethics, however they were only stories. I found out a lot about God but was not acquainted with Him! Similarly, I know Ieva from class 9 C, because my best friend told me how they had spent time together at summer camp in one group, they became friends and spent a lot of time in conversations. I know what my best friend is telling about Ieva but does it mean that I know Ieva myself? Or, for example, if I know everything from what can be found on the web, in the social networks, and from interviews about somebody popular in the world, does it mean that I know them personally? No!

God wants us to not only know about Him but to get to know Him personally! What does it mean to get to know God? How to do it and where to begin? 

We know how to get acquainted with people, right? Sometimes we get introduced with somebody, sometimes we start the initial contact ourselves. Usually, we find out the other person’s name, some basic information about them which they are willing to share with us, and we offer some information about us, also. Sometimes, if we have shared interests, for example, soccer practices or school choir, we spend time together, talk, get to know each other better. Sometimes a friendship forms from these conversations. Regarding God, it is a little different because God knows us all, however He will ALWAYS be willing to have a mutual relationship! God wants us to have open and genuine conversations with Him!

How to talk with God?
First of all, it is by prayers – you can pray to God! Prayer is a simple conversation with God. Trust me – there are no wrong prayers!

Secondly, God talks to you through Bible! Holy Scripture is a wonderful God’s gift where you can find answers to your questions! And if you think that you will not be bringing Bible with you daily, then don’t! Nowadays, Bible can be found also on smartphones, and you are usually taking your phone with you. At least I do!

Thirdly, God answers to you through other people – sometimes God can bring you His message through others when you are least expecting it. Hence, listen to others because you never know if God wants to tell you something.

I believe that our true relationship began after one camp. If my relationship with God before that could be characterized as a newly started friendship when we start conversations and getting to know each other – I was talking to God in prayers, read Bible and tried to understand what it said, attended youth meetings and camps, attended worship services. However, after this one camp when I felt true presence of the Triune God and accepted Jesus in my heart was when our true friendship began.

When someone asks me – Who is God to you? My answer has always been – a friend. Who is God to you? Is he a Father, light, truth, love, hope, judge, Spirit? There are no wrong answers to this question either. However, for me God is a friend I can talk to when I am happy, sad, angry, offended, filled with love or completely empty, full of energy or tired, stressful or at peace. God does not sort or have requirement from you regarding your state of heart, He is awaiting you with open arms in any situation! Respond and open your heart to Him!