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Creative Team – Rita

Rita Lapsiņa

Nice to meet you! My name is Rita Lapsina. God has been incredibly generous and merciful to me since my childhood. The first gift — Almighty Heavenly Father — allowed me to be born into a loving Christian family for which I often thanked Him … as I grew up. Because I was a teenager I didn’t understand or appreciate it. My parents introduced me to Jesus from an early age but I only sought Him when I was in trouble or in danger … I often forgot in my youth that I, like everyone else, was created in the image of God Himself and that the Almighty loves me and all of you infinitely. He loves infinitely with unconditional love, whether we believe it or not … His affirmations of love and mercy have been going on in my life for sixty years. The Lord has blessed me abundantly – I have children and grandchildren, I have a brother with a large group of children and grandchildren, I have trusted friends and responsive colleagues … and so I can go on for a long time.

But my mission is to get to know God better with you, the readers of our newspaper. I have found a lot of valuable pearls and I want to share them. That’s why I’ve joined the newspaper’s creative team. I am not the only rich one here – my other sisters in Christ have a tremendous amount of precious stones, but the storehouse of riches is one for all of us – the Living Word of God – THE BIBLE!

As the first of the treasures I offer you the promise of God, “EVERY ONE THEREFORE WHO SHALL CONFESS ME BEFORE MEN, HIM WILL I ALSO CONFESS BEFORE MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN.“ A wonderful promise and also a guide. I choose to obey God, follow His commandments, and submit to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Let’s go God’s way together!?