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Creative Team – Kristine

Kristine Rozefelde

My name is Kristine Rozefelde

I am a pastor of the United Methodist Church of Latvia. I do not serve in any church at this time because I am on a blessed and wonderful maternity leave. I am married to my best friend Oskars Rozefelds, we are raising our beloved and long-awaited son Kristers and we are expecting our second miracle baby boy! Together we attend Cesis Methodist Church and actively participate in its ministry as much as possible with a child.

      Faith has entered my life since birth. I grew up in a Christian family that has had pastors for two generations – my father Andris Vainovskis and now my grandmother Milda Vainovska. Although I grew up in a Christian family I think most will agree – being a believer and being a Christian are two different things. I personally accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer of my life at the age of thirteen in a Christian camp. It was a time when I grasped deep in my heart, mind, and soul that Jesus is not just the Savior of the world but He is my personal Savior! I still remember what I experienced at that moment – when I realized that I, as a human being, was sinful and could not save myself, and there is a God who loves me so much that He is ready to die for me so that I can experience the power of salvation and healing in my life, and realize all my potential that God has created for me! My life has changed since then. There are hundreds more, even supernatural, testimonies of how God has worked in my life!

        When I heard that the newspaper team was forming I knew that not only did I want to be a part of this ministry, but I really believe that humanity today needs vital, advanced Christian educational literature to help people build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through that find true happiness and the meaning of life! Because the key is to get closer to God and let God get closer to us! One of the closest promises to my heart is found in the scriptures in Philippians 1: 6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.” I am not perfect yet, but I believe that as long as I allow Jesus to dwell in my heart and life, I trust that He will finish this work for me and I will continue to experience the change in my life.

God is Alive! This is not a myth! We will reflect on this together and document His great deeds in our lives and the lives of others! See you regularly – every month in your home, on your smartphone or computer, but most importantly in your hearts!