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Creative Team – Baiba

Baiba Špēra- Špora

My name is Baiba Spera-Spora.

A little insight into my life. I grew up in the area of Liepaja but currently I live in Riga. I grew up in a Christian family but I have a wonderful grandmother Katrine who is a Christian. Thanks to her God has always been very close and dear to me and known from an early age. As a child I was an activist at a school that organized Sunday schools, which often took place at my grandmother’s home. My grandmother’s life was distorted and she moved to Liepaja where she was in search of her congregation for some time. When she found the Methodist church she invited me to join her. In the fall of 2000 I started visiting youth group with Pastor Inese Budnika. Then I got to know God even more but life took me to another country, however, when I returned to Latvia I also returned to my home – the Liepaja’s Methodist Church where I also became a member of the congregation and gradually became involved in active ministry. God has led my family in various twists and turns, we have now settled in Riga and have become part of the family of the Riga 1st congregation.

I am excited about the mission of making the newspaper. The newspaper has its own tangible value through which to bring the word of God to the people. I remember myself always asking my grandmother for a “Christian Advocate” to feed myself at a time when the church was unattainable. So I am grateful and happy to be part of the newspaper team.