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Administrative Board of United Methodist Church in Latvia

Dear reader, today you will get to know what Administrative Council of UMC in Latvia does and who are its members. First of all, you need to know that UMC in Latvia is one of the traditional Christian denominations in Latvia.

Administrative Council consists of eight Board members – four pastors and four laity members, active servants in the Methodist Church. This year, in August of 2021, changes were made in the Administrative Board membership. Currently, the Board is represented by Superintendent Edgars Sneiders, pastors Andris Vainovskis, Zinta Dzintara, and Gunta Grina-Sologuba and lay members – UMC in Latvia office manager Rihards Germans, Inara Avotina, lay leader Baiba Spera-Spora, and me – Laine Guzlena, Sunday school ministry and youth work coordinator. Sometimes we are joined at the meetings by our always responsive accountant Jolanta Bandere, and occasionally by additional ministry leaders or representatives.

So, what are we actually doing? I would like to say that we gather to strengthen each other in prayers and to spend time in fellowship, but, of course, it is only a small part of what Administrative Board does. We have discussions, express our opinions, and make joint important decisions for the growth and development of UMC in Latvia. Sometimes they might be small suggestions, but sometimes they are much larger issues that require more effort in varied areas. The Board is solving different administrative matters and other issues, for example, how to develop and bring growth for our congregations.

Editor of the column

Laine Guzlena