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Someone once told me that every ministry should begin with prayer. I would also like to begin this newspaper ministry with a prayer. Dear reader, I invite you to become an indispensable part of the ministry of the newspaper and to join in praying for the people who will read the articles of this newspaper and who will create its content:

God, we thank you for giving us the scriptures and Jesus Christ to help us get to know and approach You through the work of the Holy Spirit. We thank You, God, for giving us the desire, the opportunity, and Your wisdom to renew the unified edition of the UMC of Latvia. We, in the humility of our hearts, come before You, God, so that our work may be inspired by You and serve as a blessing to our readers. We thank You for the past, because we can make sure that You have always been trustworthy and available to everyone who is looking for You. Let the hasty be at ease, and let the brave fall before thee. God, before whom no one can keep even the crypt hidden in his heart, may Your purposes be fulfilled. We thank the Holy Spirit for Your invitation to join the team, and we believe that the Holy Spirit will strengthen both readers and writers through our work. We realize that without Your help, Jesus, we will not achieve our goal, so we trust that You will give us everything we need to bring the hearts of Your children closer to You. We dare to ask for it in Your Name, which will remain unchanged even if the earth disappears. Amen.”

It is a pleasure to be part of the newspaper team and to work with the Holy Spirit to help readers and ourselves draw closer to God.


Editor Laura Sudare