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My unusual baptism

The people present had heard before what wonderful things God had done abroad, but they could not believe what God was doing among them that day. In the evening, I went home along the path that leads over the hill, from where you can see the lake. At the top of the hill, I looked back at my place of baptism and heard a voice: "There is more to it!".

Words in Faith – the fruit of your lips

A large number of Christians today say - I don't have to do anything, if it is God's will, it will happen. Know someone who says that? In reality, words are like a cup that fills until it's full and it overflows - good or bad it depends on what you say, but when it overflows, your words are realized. God's will is that you speak life-filled words, so that your life is overflowing with goodness.

God’s angel’s wing protected me

I have many testimonies of God's work in my life, but this time I want to share, what happened last summer. A fall down the stairs...All the bones were OK….No bruising…The feeling that God's angel put its wing under me.
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“BAKUGUNS” one year anniversary!

Dear reader, you are probably already aware that the newspapers you receive are a visible part of this ministry. I would like to tell you a little bit about what has been going on behind the scenes of the ministry during this year, that is, how God has led us through this year.