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We are a publication of the United Methodist Church of Latvia which consists of the voluntary work of members from various Latvian Methodist congregations.

Creative Team

Our goal

Наша главная цель – охватить все поколения и под руководством Святого Духа помочь читателям “Маяка” лучше узнать Бога, одновременно предоставляя информацию о текущих событиях Объединенной методистской церкви Латвии (ОМЦ Латвии).


Methodists are known as a singing denomination that enjoys life at the feast tables set with God’s blessings!

The word “Methodists” was first uttered in the 18th century. Only then it was expressed through making fun by giving a nickname to people who adhered to the laws of their faith. But God changed it because He said in His Word, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28) and turned them into a denomination.

Two brothers John Wesley (1703-1791) and Charles Wesley (1707-1788) were members of the Church of England and attended Lincoln College (Oxford), and with the help of God formed the “Holy Club” or “Small Group.” The members of the small group met weekly to cultivate a sacred way of life. Admittedly, no one could have imagined that small groups would be found in almost every denomination.

On April 23, 1968 the United Evangelical Brotherhood and Methodist Church in the Dallas General Assembly founded the United Methodist Church.

The Methodist Church in Latvia began its ministry in 1921 and is one of the eight official denominations in Latvia.

Newspaper History

“The voice of Truth”

A pastor of Liepaja Evangelical Church, Freibergs published the first issue of “The Voice of Truth” in March introducing readers to the spiritual awakening in England by the preaching of John Wesley. Freibergs also posted information about the formation of the Bishops’ Free Methodist Church and its activities in the mission countries.
Years of 1919 – 1920

“Christian Advocate”

In January the Latvian Bishops’ Methodist Church began publishing the “Christian Advocate” in Latvian and A. Freibergs became its editor. Unfortunately, the newspaper was suspended due to the occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union (USSR).
Years of 1921 – 1940

“Christian Advocate”

The United Methodist Church of Latvia (UMC of Latvia) establishes the successor to the pre-war newspaper and Pastor E.Šneiders becomes its editor. When Šneiders became the district superintendent of the UMC of Latvia the editorial work of the newspaper was taken over by Pastor V. Kalniņa. The “Christian Advocate” has not been published regularly and has had a different number of publications in years of its operation.
Years of 2000 – 2018

“The Lighthouse”

In August God brought together people from various congregations of the Latvian United Methodist Church (UMC of Latvia), who formed a team to begin work on restoring a joint edition of the UMC of Latvia newspaper. In December of 2021 the first edition of “The Lighthouse” will be published in two versions: printed and digital.
Year of 2021 – until the time appointed by God